This device will soon replace power strips. Minimalist in appearance, it includes three USB ports and allows you to charge phones wirelessly.

A power strip is a device that consists of a cable with several power outlets arranged in a row and a switch, which allows several devices (a computer and a lamp, for example) to be connected to a single power source . They are widely used both in homes and offices.

But we must admit that these accessories are ugly. And manufacturers have worked to replace them with prettier, less bulky objects. It was at Leroy Merlin that we were able to find this new generation power strip by Simon, also available on the web. First here is his photo:

It is a sort of white cube, much more minimalist (and aesthetic) than a traditional power strip. So, its first advantage is aesthetics. It includes three outlets, as well as three USB ports that can be used to charge cell phones. In addition, the smartphone can also be charged in a simpler way: simply place it on the cube, which has wireless charging.

However, some specialists also point out the weaknesses of this device. “Very practical that the cables come out on each side instead of being all stored in the same place,” quips one. “I stick the multiple socket to the wall, hidden and I plug everything in, with this new base I would necessarily have to put it on a table, it would take up space”, relates, in the same vein, another. Additionally, others believe that price is an important factor, as they assume that the cube will be sold for much more than a traditional power strip.

In fact, these improved power strips can be purchased from around 25 to 30 euros in Leroy Merlin stores but also on online resellers such as Amazon. “Power strips have evolved from simple adapters that allowed us to plug more devices into the same area and power outlet in a room to offering many other benefits,” the manufacturer states on its website. “In fact, they have gradually integrated new elements of protection and security, as well as greater energy savings, also adapting to other types of connections, such as USB ports, widely used on a daily basis currently and even beginning to establish the use of power strips for wireless charging,” they add.