While deputies and senators will try to establish a common text on pension reform, who are the deputies about to vote for or against this bill?

Against all odds, the legislative process for pension reform is advancing. If no vote on the entire text has taken place in the National Assembly, the Senate has spoken and adopted the bill at first reading. This does not mean that the reform is definitively recorded, far from it. From now on, the two parliamentary chambers must agree on a common text which could be jointly voted on, in the same terms. This is the purpose of the joint joint committee which meets this Wednesday, March 15, 2023. Seven deputies and seven senators, of various persuasions but mostly pro-government, will discuss the exact provisions which could be included in the law. If the Macronists and LR will seek to find a compromise, the left and the RN, for their part, should not change their tune and continue to hammer their opposition to the text. When a common version is established, a decisive vote will then take place in the Senate, then in the Assembly to act or definitively reject the bill.

If at the Luxembourg Palace, the text should pass, it is not yet acted for the Bourbon Palace. In the hemicycle, the debates were virulent and the government does not have a majority. To succeed in passing its reform, the executive must negotiate with LR, its main ally, in favor of retirement at 64. But in the ranks of the right, all the deputies are not in favor of approving the reform. Moreover, within the Macronist coalition itself, some deputies are tempted not to follow group instructions. According to a count made by BFM TV, 189 votes in favor of the text were assured. Far from the 287 necessary (absolute majority) to avoid any cold sweat, even if a relative majority will suffice.

Among the 577 elected to the National Assembly, who is for, who is against? Thanks to our search engine, here is a first overview (read the methodology below), allowing you to find whether your local representative has positioned himself in favor of the text or opposed it. Without this in any way predicting the outcome of the vote.

In order to make the best use of our search engine, you should either enter the exact surname of your Member of Parliament (with the first letter in capitals, any accents and/or dashes), write all or part of the name of your department (with the first letter in capitals) or select the parliamentary group you want, then press “Search”.

The vote on the whole pension reform bill has not yet taken place. Thus, to determine which deputy is for or against this text, Linternaute relied on the first important vote of the deputies: that concerning the introductory article of the amending social security financing bill for 2023. Why this vote? This is the first article of the bill and it presents the general spirit of the text with its main budgetary orientations (details here). The parliamentarians who voted in favor therefore show their support for the reform.

486 deputies took part (details of the votes here). The deputies who were not present for this election are therefore not included in our table. More generally, the deputies of the government majority (Renaissance, MoDem, Horizons) defend the reform, when the opposition groups (RN, LFI, PS, EELV, PCF, LIOT) are against. Only LR is divided on the issue between defenders, opponents and abstainers.