The Paris 2024 Olympic Games begin in less than a hundred days, on July 26. Here are the details of the calendar and the events.

One hundred days before the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games, the pressure is mounting for French athletes, and so is the enthusiasm. The company Gracenote has unveiled the latest update of its virtual medal table, and the least we can say is that France can be optimistic and hope to win a good number of charms for these home games . While President Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed a few days ago the objective of being in the top 5 nations with the most medals in a few months, the American institute places France 5th, with 55 medals, including 28 gold. The last time France rose to such a rank during the Summer Games was in 1948 in London. It is also more than the number of medals mentioned by the president a few days ago, “around 40, 50 medals”.

This virtual ranking drawn up by Gracenote once again places the United States in the lead, which with 123 medals, including 39 gold, largely dominates the ranking ahead of China (89 medals, 35 gold). The top five would be completed by Great Britain (66 medals) and Australia (50). With 55 medals, France would break its record for medals in an Olympiad (43 in Beijing in 2008). It would also supplant his record for gold medals, 27 during the Paris Games in 1900. The best French chances are in team sports, particularly handball, as well as judo, fencing and swimming. Above all, Gracenote’s projections envisage French medals in 25 different sports. For comparison, since the Sydney Games in 2000, France has won medals on average in between 15 and 19 disciplines.

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The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games has been at the heart of discussions since the project was presented. It will be held on Friday July 26, for the first time outside a stadium. Along a six-kilometer route on the Seine, the 10,500 Olympic athletes will parade on more than 150 boats. The ceremony is expected to last approximately 3.5 hours. The script for the ceremony, created by choreographer Thomas Jolly, wants to be kept secret until the last moment by the Organizing Committee (Cojo). In detail, the departure should be given around 8:30 p.m. at the Pont d’Austerlitz, with the departure of the Greek delegation, for the arrival of the French boat, the last in the procession, around midnight, at the Pont d’Iéna. But this opening ceremony promised by the Paris candidacy could not see the light of day, in the event of too great a security risk. In any case, this is what Emmanuel Macron said a few days ago, during an interview with BFM. The president notably spoke of a plan B at the Trocadéro, or even a plan C at the Stade de France.

For security and organizational reasons, the spectator gauge was also reviewed by the State. If 600,000 people, including 500,000 free places, had been announced at the start of the application, the gauge was greatly reduced. The Minister of the Interior recently announced that 326,000 people could attend the opening ceremony, including 100,000 paying tickets. The price for this Games event ranges from €90 to €2700. The public will be distributed in around twenty fixed zones, with it impossible to move along the platforms. 80 giant screens are planned throughout the route, complete with animations and artistic performances.

The organizing committee unveiled the first visuals of the opening ceremony at the end of 2021 with a spectacle that promises to be historic on the Seine. Here are the images:

The closing ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games will take place at the Stade de France at the end of the competitions. For the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games, around 65,000 people are expected to depart from the Champs-Elysées and Concorde where the athletes will parade on August 28, 2024.

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be held in the Parisian capital but also in Saint-Denis, Yvelines, Marseille and Tahiti.

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At each Olympics, new sports apply to integrate or reintegrate the Olympic program. In 2016, rugby sevens and golf made their appearance. Before the possible addition of new disciplines, here is the list of 28 sports on the program for the Summer Olympic Games:

Athletics 48 events (23 women, 23 men, two mixed)

Rowing  14 events (seven women, seven men)


Badminton 5 events (two women, two men, one mixed)

Boxing 13 events (six women, seven men)

Canoe/Kayak 16 events (eight women, eight men)

Cycling 22 events (eleven women, eleven men)

Horse riding 6 mixed events

Fencing 12 events (six women, six men)



Two events (women and men)


Weightlifting 10 events (five women, five men)

Field hockey

Judo 15 events (seven women, seven men, one mixed)

Wrestling 18 events (six women, twelve men)

Swimming 49 events (23 women, 25 men, one mixed)

Pentathlon modern

Rugby 7

Taekwondo 8 events (four ladies, four men)

Tennis 5 events (two women, two men, one mixed)

Table tennis 5 events (two women, two men, one mixed)

Shooting 15 events (six women, six men, three mixed)

Archery 5 events (two women, two men, one mixed)

Triathlon 3 events (one ladies, one men, one mixed)

Sailing 10 events (three men, three women, four mixed)

Volleyball 4 events (two women, two men)

Here is the list of new events that will be on the program for the 2024 Olympics

The Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (COJo) indicated in February 2019 that these 2024 Paris Olympics, which were initially scheduled to begin on August 2, will finally take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024. It is obviously a little early to know the dates of the events, the daily calendar and the TV program for this sporting fortnight. These subjects will be studied once the list of sports and the selected sites are official.