From spring, what a joy to live with the windows open. However, it can also mean having unpleasant guests like insects and other little critters.

Spring is a season when we want to open the windows; wherever we live, we want to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air and sounds of nature. However, opening windows can be unpleasant for some, especially when there are many insects buzzing outside and managing to enter your home through the open windows. To keep insects and other pests away from your home, there are all kinds of effective home remedies. But one of the best is one that almost everyone already has the tools for in their kitchen.

There is a very simple trick to keep all insects and other little creatures at bay, which allows you to leave the windows open without worry, and this solution is vinegar. It has been used for centuries by our grandmothers and their grandmothers to chase away insects that come into the house. You will need:

Here’s how to do it:

It’s that simple, but extremely effective. With this tip, you will indeed keep most unwanted guests like insects away from your house!

Indeed, the smell of vinegar scares away spiders, ants, flies and many other insects, and makes them avoid the area you have sprayed. So you can enjoy open doors and windows at home or in your vacation home without any problems!