The body of Olivier, 56, was left under the bed in his apartment for two months. The disabled fifty-year-old was allegedly killed and then cut up by Moussa, 34, his carer.

On the night of May 11 to 12, in Paris, firefighters discovered the body of Olivier, 56, under the Austerlitz bridge in the 12th arrondissement of the capital. The latter were working on a simple fire when they made this macabre discovery. The fifty-year-old was found in a burnt suitcase, cut into several pieces.

A security perimeter was quickly set up. The DPJ (judicial police district) dispatched its investigators, as did those from the criminal brigade of the Paris judicial police and technicians from the scientific police. Sunday May 12, a man presented himself at the La Défense police station early in the morning. This is actually Olivier’s caregiver. The 34-year-old man admitted to being the perpetrator. He reportedly became angry after the victim was disrespectful to his wife, both of whom now live with the 56-year-old man.

“The carer strangled his boss, beat him and killed him. For almost two months, he kept his corpse under the bed. And when the smell became unbearable, he cut it up with a saw, transporting the pieces in a suitcase and dropped it off, this Saturday, May 11 in the evening, at the foot of the Austerlitz bridge before setting it on fire and then finally reporting himself to the police the next morning” indicates Le Parisien. The 34-year-old man, nicknamed Moussa, had been living at Olivier’s home for several weeks with his partner, and the fifty-year-old’s corpse under the bed. “The smell was unbearable” confided a neighbor to Le Parisien. “At the end of April, it was terrible. But I was convinced that it was a dead animal,” she continues.

Still according to the daily, the building caretaker had coffee with the young man two weeks ago. The corpse was therefore a few meters away. Another tenant remembers a saw, “wasn’t that DIY?” he asks himself. For several years, Olivier’s health had deteriorated; he suffered from multiple sclerosis. It was in Bastille that he met Moussa, before asking him to help him at home. Previously, his relationships with his caregivers were very tense. With Moussa, everything goes well, even though the young man is not declared, and not necessarily paid. The young man ended up moving in with the fifty-year-old with his wife, before the tragedy.

According to information from BFMTV, the carer allegedly hit his patient with his bare hands before killing him. He specifies that he “kept the victim’s body in her apartment, before cutting it up and placing it in a suitcase and bags”. When he was arrested, the 34-year-old man tested positive for cocaine and had a blood alcohol level of 2.32 grams of alcohol per liter of blood.

The media specifies that the suspect is today homeless and domiciled in an association in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. He is known to the police for use of narcotics, aggravated violence, receiving stolen property, criminal conspiracy, violence against a person holding public authority, rebellion, theft, death threats and burglary between 2008 and 2020. “The “The individual had also been included twice in the wanted persons file at the time he handed himself over to the police on Sunday May 12” specifies BFMTV. An autopsy took place this Sunday, May 12. And according to information from Le Parisien, the Forensic Institute indicates that the victim was killed with his bare hands. Several injuries were noted as well as the deceased’s quadriplegia.