NEW ALPINE A110. The new generation Alpine A110 succeeds the legendary berlinetta of the 60s and 70s. Here is everything you need to know about this model.

[Updated July 27, 2022 at 2:53 p.m.] Soon an electric Alpine? Note that it already exists but in a concept car version called A110 E-ternité and presented at the end of July 2022. The Dieppe brand took advantage for this of the base of the electric Mégane called E-Tech launched at the beginning of the year 2022 but also a new convertible roof, a first for Alpine. This model should not come out of series but undoubtedly serves as a technical basis for developing a future electric model. It could be in the form of the SUV planned for the year 2024.

Discover all the details of this electric Alpine A110 called E-ternity via our slideshow.

Alpine A110 Legend GT: the most elegant Alpine?

Limited to 400 units worldwide, the Alpine A110 Legend GT was launched in 2022 and was billed as “Alpine’s most stylish model to date”. The brand offers this model an exclusive “Mercury Silver” color, or a “Deep Black” and an “Abyss Blue”. The Alpine logos are pale gold, as are the 18-inch Serac rims. The rear LED lights are white and translucent. On board, Sabelt seats focus on comfort and can be adjusted to 6 different positions. The custom-designed upholstery is in amber leather. There are brown stitching or carbon fiber in several places. A custom luggage set will be offered to buyers, “featuring the same warm brown hue as the upholstery.” Technically, nothing differentiates this model from the classic A110, however. Count 69,300 euros to acquire this model.

Raised, 8 centimeters wider, equipped with a unique shield, a matte black bonnet and additional gills on the fenders: the A110 SportsX seems cut out to withstand bad weather conditions and ride snowy roads. A priori, it would only seem since this Alpine A110 SportsX concept remains a rear mid-engine propulsion (4-cylinder 1.8L turbo engine of 252 horsepower according to our colleagues from Auto-Plus). Difficult to take him to the assault of the mountain with, therefore! Is this concept car a taste of the Alpine SUV, which has been under consideration for several months now? The future will tell. In the meantime, find our photos of this Alpine A110 SportsX by clicking on the image above.

With changes to its design, the Alpine A110 becomes more radical and aggressive in this A110S version. Alpine Design Director Antony Villain explains that “the precise and purposeful character of the A110S is reflected in the new design elements. The flags on the body and in the cabin, with their carbon fiber finish and orange embody the personality of the car well: the choice of lightweight construction, on the one hand, and intense driving, on the other”. The Dinamica finish on board would give “a side that is both technical and elegant”. The car is also described as “faster” than other versions of the A110 by Jean-Pascal Dauce, Alpine’s chief engineer, but would still be “comfortable and usable on a daily basis”. A real berlinetta, in short! Find photos of the Alpine A110 and its design embellished with exclusive details above.

Alpine presented the A110S in the 24 Hours of Le Mans paddock in 2019. This model “completes the Alpine range” alongside the A110 Pure and Legend. The Dieppe brand has increased the power of its legendary sports car and sharpened its chassis. “The A110S was designed with piloting precision and high-speed stability as priorities”, promises Alpine, which announces a power of 292 horsepower “for a contained weight of 1,114 kilos”, even 1,107 kilos with certain options intended to reduce the weight of the beast. The Alpine A110S is available from 66,500 euros and can already be reserved on the brand’s website. Here’s what to remember about the new Alpine A110S:

This slideshow brings together the various highlights of the rebirth of the Alpine A110: presentations at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show of the First Edition finish in a limited series (1,955 copies), followed by the first road tests and then the presentation at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show of the other versions, the Pure and Legend finishes. If they will take over the 1.8L 252 horsepower engine and the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, Pure will offer a limited level of equipment for more lightness and driving pleasure, while the Legend finish will offer more “refinement” according to the brand and more upscale equipment such as the Sabelt seats and the presence of leather and shiny carbon in the cabin… but also a watch made in collaboration with Tissot. We especially discovered in Geneva a racy sports car, with a neo-retro atmosphere and a very contained weight: 1,080 kilos. Power is 252 horsepower via a unique 1.8L four-cylinder turbocharged engine with direct injection and linked to a 7-speed DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission (Alpine spec sheet). Inside, we discover an assumed sporty atmosphere with paddles on the steering wheel, central buttons for switching on the whole, a central screen and shortcut keys.

58,500 euros was the price of the limited First Edition, presented in 2017 when the new Alpine was launched. The 1,955 copies produced were all sold out very quickly. Alpine is launching two other finishes in the summer of 2018: Pure and Legend. The Pure version, more stripped down in equipment but also lighter, is available from 54,700 euros. The richly endowed Legend version starts at 58,500 euros. It is presented as the “most sophisticated and refined version of the A110”, thanks in particular to a Focal audio system, leather upholstery, a reversing camera and specific two-tone rims. The Alpine A110S has been available since June 13, 2019 from 66,500 euros. has not been able to board this new Alpine for the time being, but the opinions seem unanimous after the first tests. Abroad as in France, the A110 seduced, like the British from Top Gear who evoke a “great car”. In Germany, at Auto Motor und Sport, we were amazed by the progress of the EDC gearbox since development and the German newspaper even mentions the best German references on this point even if it regrets the absence of a manual gearbox in the range. . The newspaper, however, praises “a small, lightweight sports car with everyday suspension in a compact body”.

In France, for the newspaper L’Argus, the chassis of the Alpine “returns all its competitors to the mat”. “Fun but easy, sensational but livable, the A110 places the cursor better than any other between immediate pleasure at the wheel and real comfort in everyday life”, adds the newspaper which concludes by affirming that this A110 arises as heiress of the legendary Berlinette . For the Caradisiac site, this new A110 “excels on the road” where it “distills enormous pleasure”. For the site, “the mission is therefore entirely successful”. “High-performance, very agile and fun to drive, this A110 respects the Alpine spirit” for Auto-Plus magazine. The only downsides are a few “cheap” finishing details inside and extended delivery times. We will have (again) to be patient!

Name New Alpine

The fans were stamping their feet and the predictions were going strong. The new Alpine is finally called A110. The name is prestigious since it takes the name of the glorious berlinetta born in the early 60s. It is THE emblematic model of Alpine and the legacy will be heavy to bear. Alpine has therefore confirmed by the name its aesthetic choice to make its new model a bridge between past and future. This has not always been the case since the show car unveiled in 2016 was called Alpine Vision. Renault has had fun covering its tracks for several years. It was first of all the (logical?) resumption of denominations in A followed by a number with the A110-50 concept presented at the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the A110 berlinetta, emblem of the history of ‘Alpine. Ditto then at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the entry of a prototype in the LMP2 category, a car signed Oreca and rebadged Alpine A450. But in 2015, upheaval with the arrival of the concept car presented at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and named Alpine Celebration. So all avenues will have been explored. The name A120 stood out a lot, but another held the line: AS1 for Alpine Sport 1. Finally, it will be the A110.

The Alpine is equipped with a sports engine but without exuberance to stick to the history of the mark. If we initially suspected the use of a Renault Sport engine (Mégane RS?) or Nissan via its Nismo branch, the Alpine A110 is finally powered by a new block of 252 horsepower, 1.8L 4-cylinder turbo connected to a seven-speed DCT automatic transmission. The maximum torque is 320 Nm. It is installed in the rear central position.

Equipment of the Alpine Première Edition: Three colors to choose from (Alpine Blue, Solar White and Deep Black), personalized number plate, forged aluminum wheels with exclusive OttoFuchs matte black finish, three driving modes: normal, sport and track, braking sport, integrated parking brake actuator, aluminum calipers, bi-material discs with aluminum bowl, brushed aluminum pedals, monocoque seats signed Sabelt and in quilted full grain leather, exclusive Focal audio system, blue, white and red tricolor badge in the passenger compartment and on the bodywork. The A110 won the prize for the most beautiful car of the year, chosen by Internet users who voted for the “new Berlinette. The A110 was awarded as part of the International Automobile Festival at Les Invalides in Paris. It won 44% of the votes, ahead of the BMW X2 and DS7 Crossback.