Common washing mistakes: protect your bed linen and your machine.

When laundry day comes, we often let routine take over. We put our dirty clothes in the best washing machines, choose the appropriate cycle and come back to dry everything. But no matter how accustomed you are to this procedure, there are still common mistakes, especially when it comes to bed linen.

These errors can affect the quality of the wash, damage your sheets or even ruin your washing machine. Either way, it’s something you want to avoid, especially when you know how expensive bed linen can be. Here are the  seven common mistakes many of us make when washing bed linen – and which we should stop as soon as possible.

The first big mistake is not washing your bed linen regularly enough. Although this will not directly damage your sheets or machine, it is not very hygienic. Every night we sweat, salivate and leave traces of makeup or moisturizer. Additionally, we attract countless dust mites, creating an ideal environment for bacteria. It is therefore essential to keep your laundry clean and fresh. It is recommended to wash your bed linen once a week, or more often if someone is sick in your home. Don’t forget to wash your pillows and duvet from time to time.

There’s nothing more annoying than finding a sock hidden in your sheets. Objects may accumulate in a corner during washing. If you leave them to dry like this, you risk getting damp laundry that requires a new cycle. The solution is simple: Close the zippers or buttons on your duvet and pillow covers before putting them in the machine. If they don’t, use pliers. This way, no unwanted objects will be able to slip in.

When it’s time to wash pillows, we often tend to dedicate the entire machine to just one pillow. Although this seems logical given their size, it is a mistake. As they absorb water and detergent, they can naturally shrink and become heavier. Towards the end of the cycle, the machine may not be able to spin properly. So it is better to wash two pillows at the same time rather than separately.

It is very tempting to wash our weekly laundry at the same time as our bed linen. However, even though this seems to save water and energy, it is not a good idea. An overfilled machine does not clean effectively. So make sure you don’t exceed its maximum capacity.

Many of us use the same settings regardless of laundry. However, there is a reason why washing machines offer different programs. For example, quick wash should not be used for bed linen due to the bacteria it may contain. Also because of bacteria, washing at 60 degrees is essential. Always check your laundry label for recommended settings.

We tend to use too much detergent for bed linens, thinking more is needed due to the size of the items. However, too much lye can reduce its effectiveness. Always follow dosage instructions.

It is crucial to dry your bed linen quickly and efficiently. Be sure to do this in a well-ventilated area. If you use a dryer, be sure to dry items of the same type together to avoid over-drying bed linen.