Records reveal that Mohamed Amra, wanted since his escape on May 14, benefited from astonishing services in his prison cell.

Between 2022 and 2023, the cell of Mohamed Amra, who escaped thanks to an armed commando on May 14 during a transfer between Evreux prison and the Rouen court, was wiretapped. Recordings to which Le Parisien and BFMTV had access. They reveal in particular that “The Fly”, one of the fugitive’s four nicknames, benefited from very favorable detention conditions. “On the Koran of Mecca, Wallah, you will respect me” can be heard in particular on the recordings. Drugs, communications, food… Amra had access to some services that were surprising to say the least during her detention.

The content of the wiretaps shows in particular that Mohamed Amra had several cell phones in his cell. BFMTV reports that his older sister admitted to having given him “once a SIM card” during his first stint in prison. But between January and May 2023, no less than nine mobile phones were seized in his cell at La Santé prison, according to information from BFMTV.

“He could also smoke shisha while surfing dating sites on occasion” specify our colleagues. Prison “is Club Med, but it depends for whom” explains Greg, incarcerated for three years, on RMC this Thursday. “Everyone knows that there are drones, that there are packages thrown during walks. The supervisors know that. If they really wanted to stop this, they would act,” he adds. He even manages to have food delivered at any time of the day or night.

“There are decisions that are taken to buy social peace” indicates Wilfried Fonck, prison guard and general secretary of the UFAP-Unsap Justice union on RMC. He justifies the presence of a hookah in Mohamed Amra’s cell by the philosophy of “no wave” on the part of the hierarchy. It is clear that “La Mouche” benefited from detention conditions that were too “favorable” for a police officer who testifies on BFMTV. He had a hookah to “brighten up his summer evenings” and even had his mastiff drink delivered by projectors, over the prison walls. With his phone, he could call his contacts via encrypted Signal messaging and surf dating sites at his convenience.

Telephones were undoubtedly the most important items for Mohamed Amra in his cell. They allowed him to keep control of the organization of his drug trafficking. BFMTV indicates that he organized “corings”, drug transport flights to the detriment of other teams of traffickers. The phones were also intended to manage deal points remotely. Amra also allegedly tried to buy war weapons from his cell, including assault rifles “firing in burst mode” in November 2022. He negotiated the price of 6,000 euros each and went so far as to physically threaten the wrong people. payers and their loved ones.