PRODUCT RECALL. Yoghurts sold in Aldi and Lidl supermarkets are subject to a product recall in France due to the possible presence of pieces of metal. Explanations.

Fruit yoghurts sold in France are subject to a product recall due to the potential presence of metallic foreign bodies. They can cause risk of injury when ingested. The products concerned are fruit yoghurt packs with pieces of strawberry, raspberry, cherry and blackberry sold in packs of eight from the Envia brand, marketed between 5 and 6 April in certain Lidl supermarkets, as well as yoghurt packs with fruits with pieces of strawberry, cherry raspberry and blackberry sold by eight of the brand Milsani, sold in all Aldi stores in France.

This recall follows a massive recall of yogurts in glass last February which affected around forty references. The health authorities call on all consumers who have purchased these products not to taste them and to bring them back to the store. Customers may be reimbursed.

The recall specifically concerns batch 9308346 of the Envia brand from Lidl, with a use-by date (BBD) of April 27, 2023, as well as two batches of the Milsani brand from Aldi, namely batch 9306889 with a best-before date of April 20, 2023. April 2023 and lot 9308347 with a DLC of April 26, 2023. This new alert underlines the importance of increased vigilance on the part of health authorities to guarantee food safety for consumers, as well as the importance for companies to regularly check the quality of their products.