The State announced that it was filing a complaint against a student at the Parisian Maurice-Ravel high school for “slanderous denunciation”. On February 28, the principal asked her to remove her veil. She later assured that the man had “violated” her.

On Wednesday March 27, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced that the State would file a complaint for “slanderous denunciation” against the student of the Parisian high school Maurice Ravel who accused his principal of having “violated” her, when she had refused to remove her veil. The young woman, currently in BTS and an adult, had also filed a complaint for violence which did not result in incapacity for work. This was closed without further action. The Prime Minister denounces an event that is “simply unacceptable and unacceptable”. Gabriel Attal also affirms that the State will “always be alongside these agents, those who are on the front line facing these attacks on secularism, facing these attempts at Islamist entry into our educational establishments”.

What does the student risk? A preliminary investigation will therefore be opened by the prosecutor. The principal and the student will be heard, as well as the witnesses. The prosecutor can then decide whether or not to prosecute the young woman who could therefore be tried in court. She would then risk up to five years of imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros, according to article 226-10 of the Penal Code. Furthermore, the principal filed a complaint for “act of intimidation towards a person participating in the execution of a public service mission to obtain an exemption from the rules governing this service”.

On Friday March 22, the principal decided to leave his position, “for safety for me and for the establishment,” he explained in an email. The rectorate, for its part, mentioned “personal conveniences”, and an “early departure” for retirement, “in view of the events which have marked these last weeks”. The man had been the subject of death threats on the internet since his altercation with the student. An investigation has been opened for cyberharassment. A 26-year-old man from Hauts-de-Seine was arrested. He is scheduled to go to trial April 23.