LOTTO RESULTS. With 11 million euros at stake this Monday evening, the Loto draw should be particularly followed. The results will be delivered right here around 9 p.m.

[Updated October 9, 2023 at 7:07 p.m.] This is a Loto draw that already promises to be full of emotions. After having checked five numbers and a Chance number, validated your grid for 2.20 euros, price of a combination, considered the worst and the best, made some plans on the comet assuming that this Monday, October 9 would be your day of glory , the time of the Loto draw comes, any participant should be particularly impatient to discover the result of the day. Especially since 11 million euros are at stake! The winning combination should be known around 9 p.m.

Until then, everyone is free to try their luck… or not. Because you’re going to need some luck if you plan to get your hands on the suit. If you find the Chance number among the 10 possible options, know that you already have a one in 10 chance of having the 2.20 euros of your bet refunded. As for the jackpot, you will have to manage to find THE combination of the day among, to be exact, 19,068,840 possible combinations in the Loto draw. As you will have understood, finding the Loto result is not an easy task! But after all, he who doesn’t try, gets nothing.

And if this Monday the Française des jeux (FDJ) is already offering a significant jackpot, know that this week, Friday the 13th, it will not be three, but four Loto draws that will take place. And for its exceptional draw organized on Friday, the FDJ promises a minimum of 13 million euros, but also 50 winning codes allowing their owners to win 20,000 euros each. Be careful however, for this Super Loto on Friday the 13th, the grid will be sold for 3 euros. It is already possible to try your luck…