LOTTO. The Loto draw on Monday April 22 promised a jackpot of eight million euros. The results are available.

No luck if you tried to win the┬áLoto draw on Monday, April 22, 2024. La Fran├žaise des jeux (FDJ) indicates this evening that no player managed to find today’s results. As a result, on Wednesday, at the next meeting of aficionados of this game of chance, it will be possible to win not eight million, but nine million euros. Some participants in this draw still managed to bet on several good numbers in the winning combination. Twenty-four grids allow their owners to leave with 8,365.20 euros. Consult the Loto result of the day without further delay:

Do you think that nine million euros is not enough to seriously consider early retirement? Tomorrow’s Euromillions draw should interest you. Be careful, let’s keep in mind that if winning the Loto draw is difficult, winning the Euromillions jackpot is even more difficult! But as the saying goes, if you don’t try, you don’t get anything. Tuesday evening, during the first weekly meeting of the Euromillions, no less than 133 million euros will be at stake. Attention fans, it will cost you 2.50 euros, the base price of a grid composed of a single combination.