LOTTO RESULTS. Did anyone win the November 20, 2023 Loto draw? Answer without further delay with all the results to be found a little further down!

[Updated November 20, 2023 at 9:11 p.m.] Do you think you have found the Loto result for the Monday November 20, 2023 draw? It would seem that this is not possible… And for good reason, according to the details of the distribution of winnings announced by Française des jeux (FDJ), there was no winner of rank 1. On the other hand, there was It is possible that, within one Chance number, you have found the winning combination of the day, because there is a winner in rank 2. This one or this one wins 144,157.30 euros. Here are all the Loto results:

Next draw, Wednesday. The grid is sold for 2.20 euros, at least if you opt for a classic combination of five numbers and a Chance number. By checking more boxes, the cost of the grid increases at the same time as your chances of finding the Loto result. Thus, by selecting only one additional digit among those between 1 and 49, the grid is sold for 13.20 euros. Count 46.20 euros for seven digits and a Chance number, 123.20 euros for eight digits and a Chance number, 277.20 euros for nine digits and a Chance number. If you add Chance numbers, the cost also varies. For six figures and nine Chance numbers, the grid is sold for 118.80 euros. It’s 369.60 euros for a checked grid of eight numbers and three Chance numbers. It remains to be seen whether the cost is worth it!

Did you know ? It is possible to increase your chances of finding the Loto result by… pooling your stake with that of other players. Explanation: With MultiChances packs you can play more grids and codes by paying only part of the total cost. Please note that in the event of a victory, you will only pocket part of the jackpot, a part proportional to what you have bet.