LOTTO. For the first Loto draw of the week, the FDJ offered five million euros. We’ll reveal the results to you without further delay!

And the prize pool for the next Loto draw scheduled for Wednesday will be… six million euros! In other words, there was no big winner this Monday, May 13, 2024. La Française des jeux offered a prize pool of five million euros to whoever found the results. But when the time came for the draw, it seemed that no one had enough luck. However, there are several winners. Three grids, which had been checked with the five correct numbers but not the correct Chance number, allowed their owners to leave with 48,545.70 euros each. 68 grids also offer a gain of 522.70 euros to their owners. Here are all the results of today’s Loto draw:

Do you think that six million euros is not enough? Please note that the FDJ is offering a jackpot on Tuesday which will allow you to retire early without notice. The Euromillions draw will indeed put 49 million euros at stake tomorrow evening. If you are more cash than mega-jackpot, know that a EuroDreams draw – which is held every Monday and every Thursday – will take place in three days. If they win, players can hope to win up to 20,000 euros per month for… thirty years. Notice to amateurs!