LOTTO RESULTS. The Lotto draw has just taken place. What did you have to have bet this Wednesday, March 22, 2023? Find the results of the day without further delay.

[Updated March 22, 2023 at 9:06 p.m.] And there…was no winner this Wednesday, March 22, 2023 in the Loto draw. Three million euros are now at stake. Next meeting on Saturday. In the meantime, remember to check all your Lotto results. Maybe you won 20,000 euros with your LOTTO code. Or better yet, maybe you are one of the lucky owners of the three grids that were ticked with the correct five numbers, but not the correct N°Chance? Each wins exactly 60,202.60 euros, thus multiplying their bet by 27,364! Here are the results of Wednesday’s Lotto:

Unfortunately for you, the seven million euros that were still at stake on Monday finally found a buyer. Or rather takers in the plural. Because it is not one, but three grids that had been checked correctly. When we know that there are 19,068,840 possible combinations, and therefore that each player has a chance in 19,068,840 of finding the winning combination of the day, it is hard to believe that there could be more a winner in a Loto draw. But once is not custom, Monday therefore, three players managed to tick the right boxes and find THE result of the Loto.

However, not everyone left with seven million euros under their arm. If seven million were indeed promised to who would find the results of the Loto, in the event of a double or even triple victory as far as we are concerned, the jackpot is divided fairly between the winners. Everyone therefore left with 2,333,334 euros, which remains, all in all, a small important jackpot for ordinary mortals. Proof that luck was out that day, there were also two winners in rank 2. Having got their hands on the five figures, but not the N°Chance, they were able to collect the no less flirtatious sum of 78,893.20 euros.

How to explain that there can be so many winners in one and the same Lotto draw? It is very simple. If we tend to believe that our lucky numbers are exclusively ours, most people share more or less the same numbers that supposedly bring them luck. These are often small numbers, below 31. Because when we think of lucky charms, we often think of… dates. Players who bet big numbers are less numerous, which is also why during Lotto draws during which only big numbers are drawn, there are very few winners. To multiply your chances, not to find the result of the Loto since apart from playing more than one combination, there is no other option, but not to have to share your jackpot in the event of victory, the best is therefore favor large numbers as much as possible when composing your winning combination. On good terms…