LOTTO. This Monday, July 31, 2023, the Française des jeux offered you the chance to win the sum of 10 million euros for this new Loto draw. The results can be viewed in this article.

[Updated July 31, 2023 9:00 PM] The Lotto draw for Monday, July 31, 2023 has been completed. La Française des jeux was betting an attractive sum of 10 million euros. to hit the jackpot, you had to find the five correct numbers among the 49 possible, in addition to the famous “lucky number”. You can check the results below to find out if you have found the right combination.

The statistics are hardly encouraging for the players, because the odds of winning the jackpot amount to one in 19,068,840. Suffice to say that luck will have to be there for the millions to land in the pockets of a lucky winner. However, despite these gloomy numbers, the game is not devoid of interest, because it is still possible to win more modest sums by matching only five numbers. This combination grants access to Rank 2, with a 1 in 2,118,760 chance of success. Admittedly, the more the exact numbers found decrease, the more the gain decreases, but the hope of receiving a prize remains. Indeed, it is precisely this opportunity to win various and varied sums, even if they do not correspond to the jackpot, which ensures the success of the lottery. In fact, 17% of the combinations played turn out to be winners, which keeps the flame of hope alive for many players. Moreover, some will gladly be satisfied with a moderate sum, which can represent a nice financial boost in their daily life.

How to play Lotto?

There are different ways to participate in the lottery. Some prefer to go to their nearest tobacconist to fill out their grid on paper, while others favor the convenience of online gambling. Whatever the mode of participation chosen, the golden rule remains unchanged: “100% of the winners participated”, as La Française des jeux likes to remind you. This simple sentence reminds everyone that to have a chance to win, you have to take a chance and participate. The lotto remains a game of chance, of course, but it also embodies a part of dream and hope for all those who play it. It’s an adventure that unites players around a common quest for fortune and a better life.