A little girl told her parents that a monster was hiding in one of the walls of her room. They believed her, and they did well.

After hearing this, parents might trust their children a little more about the monsters that live under beds or in closets. The story that seems almost inconceivable takes place in an old farmhouse in the town of Charlotte, North Carolina, a few weeks ago: a 3-year-old girl complained to her parents about a noise coming from her bedroom. For her, a monster has taken up residence there and the little girl doesn’t really want to share her room with him.

The parents didn’t really pay attention to it at first, mother Ashley Class thought her daughter had made up the story after seeing the movie “Monsters

A few weeks earlier, the parents had noticed that small insects were lurking around their home, they had called a specialist who told them that they had not entered the house and that they were harmless in any case. But faced with the terrifying situation experienced by their daughter, they finally brought back the “monster hunter”. And they did well! With a thermal camera, they were able to see the presence of a creature nearly 2 meters tall hidden behind in a wall of the little girl’s room.

Forced to break the wall to dislodge the intruder, the parents and the “monster hunter” actually came across a huge beehive. The buzzing sounds were real, but it was not a monster, but rather a gigantic colony of bees that had built its habitat away from all danger. What about the blood dripping from the wall? Of honey. It was the color and viscosity of the liquid, paired with the pink wallpaper that gave the girl this impression.

The “monster hunter”, who in reality was a beekeeper, admitted to having never seen this. In the wall there were tens of thousands of bees. In a TikTok video, Ashley Class and her husband filmed her work to dislodge the colony. The first day, 20,000 bees were extracted from the wall and more than 100 kilos of honey, but at the end of the operation, 50,000 bees had to be relocated far from the house.

Ashley also recounts the chaos the family lived in for several days: “We were running in to grab as many things as possible and running out just as quickly so as not to get stung.” The story ends well, and their daughter knows that the “monster” is gone. The family was able to resume their normal life, but the mishap still cost the couple twenty thousand dollars.