Lidl will launch its car. No, the discount giant is not turning into a car manufacturer but is offering to win a Mini in its colors, red, yellow and blue! Here is the bottom of this unique contest game.

New buzz for Lidl! After having terrified sales with its branded summer products (towels and flip-flops in particular), after making headlines with its Lidl-colored sneakers which were torn off, the discount supermarket chain announces the release of a car! No, Lidl is not going to become a car manufacturer and you won’t see Lidl dealerships popping up near your supermarket, but the brand is offering a unique competition to win a Mini, the famous English city car flocked in the colors of Lidl, red, yellow and blue.

Lidl reacts to an April Fool’s Day from the site which announced on April 1 the release of a Lidl SUV. The brand almost took the challenge at its word with this announcement of a competition open to customers benefiting from the Lidl Plus program. “Six months later, what was originally a joke becomes reality… or almost. Lidl will not sell cars on its shelves, better, it will make them win”, announces Lidl this Tuesday 27 september. Customers who have the Lidl Plus application will be able to participate from October 3 and until November 13 with one chance per 30 euros of purchase. Three Mini cars will be up for grabs and many other prizes, assures Lidl. The entry-level price of a Mini is around 30,000 euros.