If you’re worried about shrinking your delicate wool sweaters, follow these expert tips to wash them safely. You will no longer have washing accidents.

With the arrival of winter, the essential large wool or cashmere sweater takes its place back in our wardrobes. While these pieces keep us warm with elegance, the washing dilemma often arises. How do you clean these little treasures in your closet without risking shrinkage? Dyeing experts share essential tips for preserving your winter sweaters.

Wool is a delicate fiber and requires some care to avoid damaging the fabric or causing it to shrink. Traditional cleaning methods like the washing machine may not be suitable. While some washing programs promise to care for your woolen or so-called “delicate” clothes, they are mainly based on gentle cleaning, at 30 degrees maximum. However, the best thing is to avoid using the machine to care for and make your sweaters last. You will thus avoid pilling and shrinkage in your laundry, the real pitfall when putting a wool sweater in the machine.

Dyers and launderers have some simple tips to avoid ending up with a baby size sweater from the first washes! Here are a few :

And if you really need to put it in the washing machine or if that reassures you, the best thing is to trust… the famous label sewn on your sweater. This will provide important information on how to clean and care for the garment. It is always best to follow these care instructions.