During a visit to a military base in Hampshire this Monday, King Charles III indulged in some confidences about his cancer, relays the Daily Mail.

Since the start of 2024, the British monarchy has been shaken by the numerous health problems of its members. If Princess Kate Middleton is fighting cancer, King Charles III is also waging a real fight against this same disease. Buckingham Palace revealed the sad news on February 5, while the Princess of Wales herself revealed to the general public the evil that was gnawing at her in a video published on March 22. Since then, little new information regarding the nature of their illness or their health has been released.

If, on Kate Middleton’s side, her husband, Prince William, is content to tirelessly repeat that his wife and children are “fine”, a press release from Buckingham Palace indicated at the end of April that the evolution of the king’s health was “very encouraging”. Charles III has also resumed his public activities since April 30. Visiting the military base of the Army Aviation Center of Excellence in Middle Wallop, located in the south of England, this Monday, May 13, the sovereign for his part provided a surprising detail about his fight against cancer.

While a veteran of the British army, a certain Aaron Mapplebeck, confided to the king that he had undergone chemotherapy last year for testicular cancer, mentioning that the treatment had made him lose his sense of taste, Charles III responded to having suffered the same side effect, reports the Daily Mail. Remember, however, that Buckingham Palace never specified the nature of Charles III’s cancer nor mentioned the slightest detail regarding his treatment.