To strengthen the entire trunk and have bulging abdominals, traditional exercises are not enough. There is one that is considered one of the best, but is very often underestimated.

There are many exercises that we know and repeat over and over again to work the core (aka “abs”), like oblique crunches, crossovers, roll-ups, or planks. However, just as a cardio workout is not limited to running, an abdominal workout should not be limited to these exercises alone.

One of the best for strengthening the abs is the barbell front squat, an underrated exercise with many benefits. According to sports coach Mike Hamlin, interviewed by Women’s Health, this squat is better for the core than the classic squat with the barbell on the back, offering “more power for other exercises, a healthier and more stable lumbar and abdominal region , and a stronger set of abs.” The front squat with a bar is very favorable for well-defined abdominals

The barbell front squat is a bit like squatting while holding a stick in front of you. Imagine carrying a tray of food in front of you with your elbows pointed forward. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Holding the “platter” (the bar) close to your neck, squat down as if you were trying to sit on an invisible chair. Keep your chest proud, your back straight, and pretend to push off the ground with your feet to get up.

It remains to know how to perform this squat without injuring yourself. First, the feet should be shoulder-width apart; then, place the bar in front of the shoulders and close to the neck, positioning the elbows forward and the arms parallel to the ground; Finally, you must squat while keeping your chest high, your back straight and your abdominals contracted.

The abdominal strap is the central pillar of the body, playing a crucial role in posture and balance. By strengthening it, you prevent back pain, because a toned stomach better supports the spine. It is also essential for carrying out a multitude of daily activities, from walking to lifting heavy objects. Additionally, strong abs improve athletic performance and provide a more sculpted figure. Not to mention that a strong core helps better protect internal organs.