According to recent information, Apple is in discussions with the company OpenAI to integrate ChaptGPT into the iPhone.

Will the iPhone abandon Siri in favor of the famous ChatGPT? This could well be a reality in the very near future. According to exclusive information from Bloomberg media, Apple has entered into discussions with the company OpenAI, responsible for ChatGPT, in order to include generative AI within its famous iPhone.

Only a few days before the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) supposed to unveil Apple’s AI plans, this news is not very surprising. However, it contrasts with other rumors according to which Apple had first approached Google to integrate its Gemini AI into the iPhone.

The American media Bloomberg, at the origin of this rumor, indicates that Apple is planning several features centered around ChatGPT. Some would be available locally on the iPhone while others would require an internet connection. It would therefore certainly be possible that the iPhone could, in the near future, use generative AI functions as we now see on phones from Samsung, Honor or Google.

Among the most obvious uses, we think of questions to ask ChatGPT. Artificial intelligence could then replace Siri to perform voice and/or written searches. Given the many inaccuracies and issues related to Siri, this can only be good news for many iPhone owners.

However, we will have to wait until June 10 to know precisely Apple’s plans in terms of artificial intelligence. Only one thing is certain: the firm is planning some surprises centered on AI and the iPhone in view of the latest teasers around the conference.