Emmanuel Macron will speak this Thursday March 14 on TF1 and France 2. What subjects will he address?

Emmanuel Macron is relaunching the exercise of the television interview. This Thursday, March 14, the Head of State will face Anne-Sophie Lapix, for France 2, and Gilles Bouleau for TF1, live from the Elysée.

The main subject of this interview has already been announced: France’s support for Ukraine. According to AFP, the Head of State decided to speak on television to speak directly to the French about this important subject for their daily lives and for the future. “The National Assembly was consulted on the subject and largely voted in favor of the security agreement concluded by Emmanuel Macron with the Ukrainian president, despite the abstention of the RN and the opposition of LFI. The agreement must still be validated by the senate this Wednesday at the end of the day -noon, but the vote is only consultative. Emmanuel Macron will therefore react to this debate and take the time to explain France’s commitment on the subject.

In addition, it should also explain the main axes and in particular justify the sum allocated for aid to Ukraine which was recorded at the amount of three billion euros. This amount had been strongly criticized, in a complicated economic period that France was going through. This agreement also provides for a strengthening of military cooperation, particularly for artillery and air defense. The president will thus specify France’s overall commitment to Ukraine over the coming years, the agreement having been concluded for a period of ten years. Emmanuel Macron could also return to his controversial comments on the possible sending of French troops to Ukraine, in order to clarify his position.

With the European elections approaching, the president’s speech will be closely scrutinized. Will he take advantage of the subject on Ukraine to highlight the ambiguities of the RN concerning Russia? Jordan Bardella’s list is, for the moment, well ahead in the polls. To find out and follow this interview, tune in this Thursday evening at 8 p.m. on TF1, France 2, Franceinfo channel 27 or even LCI.