You play sports and you regularly have aches, this is not necessarily good news.

Exercising is one thing, doing it correctly is another. Specialists are constantly providing advice on how to get back into shape and you may be the ideal target to receive this advice. But as always, it is difficult to find the right rhythm because everyone must adapt to their own rhythm of life. Exercising in the morning, afternoon or evening is already a big question. Exercising for 10 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour… Here too questions arise and the answers are not established, because as the specialists explain, you have to know how to adapt according to your lifestyle . Quantity is not a guarantee of quality, regularity is.

Often, after a session or the next day, you feel tired with numerous aches everywhere. Do you think that’s a good thing because it means you’ve worked your muscles well? Well no, having aches and pains is not good.

The soreness simply indicates that you have “stressed” certain muscle groups and they need to rest. This can be caused by new exercises, more intense effort than usual, or returning to sport. But in no case does the absence of soreness after your workout mean that your effort was insufficient. Having soreness after physical exertion is not always a sign of a good quality session, because it simply means that the muscle fibers are rebuilding.

There are several solutions to relieve and avoid aches. After your workouts, make sure you get enough sleep (between 7 and 9 hours), adopting a good sleep schedule with regular schedules. A bad night can even increase the risk of injury for your next session.

Your diet is also essential. It must provide proteins (vegetable or animal), in order to strengthen damaged muscle fibers, but also carbohydrates, to regain energy and replenish your reserves. Finally, it is essential to hydrate well.

You can also opt for a comforting solution with massages on your aching muscles. Massages help stimulate the circulatory system and provide pressure on joint stiffness. Another little personal pleasure: bathing… in cold/warm water. This technique is also very often used for recovery by athletes.