Changing your heating system is one of the energy renovation works eligible for financial aid, some of which will no longer exist in 2017.

Why eco-renovate?

Optimizing the energy efficiency of your home means improving your comfort, saving money but also giving more value to your home since, to sell it, the display of the energy performance is mandatory. Without forgetting the protection of the planet.

Opportunity Reviews:

The CITE allows you to deduct from your taxes 30%* of the expenditure on equipment and/or labor for certain energy renovation works*. These expenses are capped at €8,000 per person, plus €400 per dependant. The listing must be your primary residence, completed more than 2 years ago. The company supplying the equipment must be the same as the one carrying out the installation and must be qualified RGE, Recognized Guarantor of the Environment.

It is an interest-free loan of up to €30,000, accessible to all owners occupying their home or renting it out. The costs must either correspond to a “package of works”, i.e. the combination of at least two categories of eligible works*, or make it possible to achieve an “overall energy performance” calculated by a consulting firm. thermal studies. Again, the company in charge of the work must be RGE qualified.

These 2 families of financial aid can be combined with each other and with other advantages such as VAT at 5.5% instead of 10%.

*List of eligible works available on