This Atlanta couple saw their dream come true after 15 years of unsuccessfully trying to have a child. The mother-to-be filmed her husband’s reaction when she told him.

Brie and Stephen Owens, 37 and 39, are the proud parents of four adopted children. Not long ago, they received news they no longer expected: to become parents of a fifth child, but biologically this time. On October 8, Ms. Owens published this moving news via an Instagram video where she filmed her husband’s reaction live.

The Owens family is indeed one of the many followers of social networks where they share moments of their daily life and sometimes the most intimate and moving moments. A sort of hobby for the couple and in particular the mother, who takes care of her children full time. Although the number of followers of Brie Owens (more than 4000) does not allow her to be elevated to the rank of influencer, the video published on Instagram already has more than 250 comments, most of them congratulatory. We can imagine that many of the commentators are complete strangers, illustrating the public’s enthusiasm for this type of announcement.

In her video, Brie can be heard asking her husband Stephens “what would they do” if she got pregnant. He then believes that this would be “crazy”. As he plans for such an eventuality, his wife, who has actually already taken a pregnancy test, tells him point blank: “I took a test. It’s positive.”

After a few short seconds of silence during which Stephens remains speechless, he goes from laughing to crying just as quickly as he realizes the news. Very moved, the spouses hug each other.

In a second video published on October 10 on Ms. Owens’ Instagram account, we learned, during the traditional American “gender reveal” party organized by the couple, that the new member of the family will be a little boy.