Darty currently offers the Samsung range with SpaceMax for a very large storage capacity. Offering very practical everyday functions, these models are also the allies of those looking for quiet operation. If you need a fridge, now is the time!

Recognized brand in household appliances, Samsung offers new generation refrigerators that honor this reputation. Darty currently offers several models from the Korean brand with excellent performance. We note in particular their very good storage quality of 340 to 390 liters for the most generous models. All without wasting space and with optimized integration in your kitchen. The key ? The SpaceMax technology developed by Samsung which makes it possible to obtain thinner walls and therefore make your new refrigerator less bulky.

Offers on Samsung refrigerators at Darty

We also appreciate the No Frost technology which, with better ventilation, prevents the formation of frost. The chore of regular defrosting is over! Also note the presence of a quick refrigeration and freezing function for your shopping returns. Finally, the unsightly hum of the refrigerator is over, especially at night when the house is falling asleep little by little. These three Samsung models are guaranteed to be among the quietest on the market with 35 decibels. Are you looking for a spacious combi fridge with bottom freezer space? The RB34T600ESA is for you. It is displayed at 699 euros on the Darty site. If you’re looking for even more volume, the Samsung RB36T672ESA RB38T600ESA and their 390 liters of storage are preferable. They are displayed at 799 euros on Darty.com.