GAS PRICES 2023. The end of the regulated tariff on the sale of gas (TRV) is scheduled for this summer. A total of 2.4 million customers are still affected.

[Updated May 11, 2023 11:24 AM] A major change for 2.4 million customers. Indeed, the regulated tariff for the sale of gas (TRV) will be abolished on June 30, 2023. A decision of the Council of State of 2017 within the framework of the Energy-Climate law of 2019. Until then, this system made it possible to ‘avoid excessive increases, and was reassessed by the State on the recommendations of the Energy Regulation Commission according to the purchase costs on the wholesale markets, the costs of storage, transmission and taxes.

This famous TRV constitutes a “hinder to the realization of a competitive gas market” according to the Council of State. Already abolished in 2020 for professionals, large properties and communities, the TRV still benefits more than two million customers who signed a contract with Engie before this date. Individuals can no longer take out such a contract since 2019. No additional cost is to be considered for a change of contract or supplier. Do you already want to compare the offers? A government comparator is available via the national energy ombudsman: comparator.

The price of gas for heating is set at €0.1043 including tax per kWh. On the PEG market, in March 2023, the price of gas was displayed at 43.28 euros per MWh.

The consumer is facing a veritable spike in gas prices in recent months. For households using gas as a means of cooking, but also for heating, the successive increases will seriously affect the end-of-year budget. The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) has indeed announced a mess of increases in recent months, these increases affecting the regulated gas prices charged by Engie. They act indirectly on market prices. We summarize what has happened in the last few months:

Are you still dependent on regulated gas prices? This price increase is not the only reason to look elsewhere! Since the Energy and Climate law adopted in 2019, regulated tariffs are gradually disappearing. Engie has stopped marketing new contracts at regulated sales tariffs (TRV), since November 2019, which means that you will soon be changing contracts. If you have an Engie contract, don’t panic. It remains valid until June 30, 2023. In this context of crisis, are you studying the possibility of changing your energy supplier more seriously? Consult our dedicated file without further delay:

If you have not changed your contract yourself, you will see your contract automatically switch to a market offer from Engie, from July 1, 2023. If you change supplier, find out on the site of the national mediator of energy, here, which offers a comparator of offers to find the formula that corresponds to your consumption needs.

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