With the departures for the All Saints holidays, the search for gasoline will be one of the main activities of the weekend. Here are the best tools to avoid fuel shortage on the highway…

The news is enough for the moment to leave quietly: a little more than 16% of service stations in France were still experiencing fuel difficulties yesterday, against more than 20% the day before and around 30% in the worst days of the crisis. . The shortage of petrol nevertheless continues in certain regions, where one station in five or even one station in four is sometimes short of one or more fuels.

With the All Saints holiday departures this weekend, fuel shortages therefore remain a major concern for motorists. To reassure, the motorway networks delivered reassuring figures this Friday, October 21. 90% of the service stations along the motorways would have petrol, of which 92% for Vinci Autoroutes, 90% for Sanef (Company of the motorways of the North and East of France) and 88% for APRR (Autoroutes Paris- Rhine-Rhone).

To avoid gasoline shortages and find fuel, these companies offer online tools that allow you to prepare your journey and your stops to refuel. To find gasoline, dedicated systems have even been set up in this period of shortage. Vinci thus offers on its Services-aires.vinci-autoroutes.com the list of stations with fuel or partially or completely out of stock in real time, such as Sanef which offers to connect to its traffic service in real time. APRR for its part has published a summary page, with a table listing the areas with stations where fuel is available.

To take the highway and go on vacation or weekend, the other tools made available on the Web since the beginning of the gasoline shortage are still valid. Linternaute.com has developed a search engine based on official data on fuels which provides information on the situation of stations in a department or town crossed, with a classification by date and time of update .

Since the start of the fuel shortage, tools have been aplenty on the Web to help motorists find gasoline. The map from the Ministry of the Economy is one of the most reliable sources in this respect, but the collaborative map from the Mon-Essence.fr site is also valuable. Many traffic applications or dedicated to the shortage are also available on smartphone like Waze, Gasoil Now or Essence