Argentina 2022 world champion will take the top of the FIFA rankings ahead of Brazil and France in April 2023.

The Argentina team, after lifting the Football World Cup, will very soon occupy first place in the FIFA rankings in April 2023. Albiceleste will obtain this place thanks to their victory over Panama on Friday 24 March while the Brazilians lost to Morocco (2-0) on Saturday March 25. The match against CuraƧao will change nothing for Lionel Messi and his partners who continue to soar on top of the world.

The France team will remain in third place. She is in the lead with the two South American nations (Brazil, Argentina). Vice-world champions, the Blues rush on Brazil which has only disappointed in the last international competitions. Embarking on qualifying for Euro 2024, France could still grab points and soon take second place in the FIFA rankings.

Here is the latest FIFA ranking with points, positions won or lost (the top 10 on our page):

According to the latest ranking published by FIFA for the month of October 2022, France remains in 3rd place, behind Brazil and Argentina. Note the progress of Italy, which moved up to 6th place.

All continents are mixed to establish the FIFA ranking. Here is the African top 20 of June 23, 2022:

A new method, which came into effect in August 2018, is currently used by FIFA. FIFA called this new version “SUM”. Before this reform, the ranking was based on an average, established over a certain period of time. The new system proceeds by addition/subtraction on a total of points, according to the matches gained or lost. FIFA explains that the points added or subtracted are partly defined by the relative strength of the two opponents. The model therefore takes into account the logic that would have a higher ranked team obtain better results against an opponent who occupies a lower position in the ranking. For more information, you can find the press release right here.

As for men, the FIFA ranking exists for women’s national teams, here is the latest ranking dating from June 17, 2022: