This ancestral product is very effective for cleaning car seats and benches.

Keeping your car clean like the first day is the dream of every motorist. A dream only because, both outside and inside, a vehicle gets dirty quickly even when you are careful. The interior of a car is undoubtedly the most tedious part to clean, especially the seats and benches. If a good vacuuming can remove a lot of dirt on it (dust, hair, crumbs, sand, etc.), removing stains embedded in the fabric requires more time and… energy.

It must be said that coffee, soda, sauce, cream or pen ink brands do not disappear by magic. There are many products on the market for washing the fabrics of your seats. But there is one that may be unknown to you even though it is extremely effective. Do you know about beef gall? If this product doesn’t mean anything to you, it could soon become your best friend. Our ancestors used to use ox gall soap to wash their clothes. Now back in fashion, this natural product is extremely effective in removing greasy stains. That’s why many automotive experts use it to give a car’s interior a facelift.

What is beef gall? It is a product made from animal bile. Although it may seem unappealing at first glance, it contains natural acids – cholic and taurocholic – which help dissolve fat. It can be found in a commercially available spray for around 20 euros per liter. But it is more economical to make your own mixture, and it only takes a few seconds. All you have to do is boil a liter of water, transfer it to a spray bottle, and slip in a small cube of beef gall soap, which can be found for less than 2 euros per 100 grams in DIY stores. , the cleaning sections of supermarkets and drugstores.

Once the cube is dissolved, the mixture is ready for use. Spray each piece of dirty fabric then leave for a few moments before rubbing the stains with a dry microfiber cloth. The result is impressive, all the halos disappear, even the most stubborn ones. It is also possible to use ox gall to wash vehicle carpets and ceiling lights. Think about it, this service is often charged around fifty euros in car cleaning centers. Enough to make quite a stock of soaps!