In the event of victories in the European elections, Jordan Bardella hopes for one thing from the President of the Republic. He said what he thought.

His lead in the polls for the European elections gives wings to Jordan Bardella. The National Rally seems well on its way to winning the June 9 election and inflicting a serious setback on Emmanuel Macron’s camp, led by Valérie Hayer. A victory from which the head of the RN list intends to draw all the consequences, including on the national level.

Thus, for several months, Jordan Bardella has repeated his intention to request a dissolution of the National Assembly if his party won the European election. Because for the leader of the RN, interviewed on April 17 on RMC, the European election “is the only occasion, the only national election of the five-year term, which should therefore allow the French to express themselves on government policy, to make their anger heard by Emmanuel Macron and consequently, to designate the political movement which will be responsible for preparing the alternation”.

The MEP therefore pledged to demand a dissolution of the National Assembly “the very evening” of his camp’s probable victory in the European elections on June 9. According to Jordan Bardella, faced with the predicted rout of the Macronist camp, the President of the Republic “will have no other solution than to return to the polls”.

What does Emmanuel Macron say about it? The French head of state does not share the same opinion. Firstly because he does not wish to bury his own candidate, Valérie Hayer, any time soon, alongside whom he poses on the campaign posters for the “Need for Europe” list unveiled on Monday May 6. Then, because for him there is no question of considering a dissolution of the National Assembly on the basis of a European vote. “It’s the election of European deputies,” he insisted on May 5 in an interview with La Tribune du Dimanche and La Provence. “The conclusion will therefore first be European,” he decided, brushing aside Jordan Bardella’s request.