At the franceinfo microphone, RN deputy Laurent Jacobelli made this connection, finally following in the footsteps of Jordan Bardella who had already estimated the day before that Gabriel Attal “talks like the RN”.

“The closer we get to the European elections, the more the Prime Minister begins to speak like us. Yes, we must bring authority back to school, yes we must fight against delinquency among the youngest, yes we must take measures …” listed Laurent Jacobelli this Monday April 22 on the franceinfo set. While the Macron camp occupies the media with major announcements on themes particularly favored by the National Rally, such as security or immigration, would the RN feel in danger? To the point of being reduced to reminding ourselves that these subjects are indeed ours and not those of the majority?

Or would it not be the government which would try to monopolize the good ideas of the given favorite party in the next electoral elections? While the National Rally list led by Jordan Bardella is credited, according to the latest wave of the Ifop-Fiducial survey published by Le Figaro, LCI and Sud Radio, with 31.5% of voting intentions on June 9, far ahead of that of the Macron camp (17%), the boss of the RN himself still yesterday leaned more in favor of this second option, in the columns of the Sunday Journal.

“Strangely, while the National Rally reaches [more than 30%] in the polls 50 days before the European elections, a lot of people speak like us,” judged Jordan Bardella, according to whom “a strong RN forces a lot of people to recognize reality”. Trying to give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, the boss of the RN in any case did not miss the opportunity to tackle Gabriel Attal, Emmanuel Macron’s “anti-Bardella weapon” in view of the European elections, to “defective water gun”.