EURODREAMS. Was this Thursday the one that changed your life forever? EuroDreams results are available.

Who says Thursday, says EuroDreams. This April 18, 2024, lottery enthusiasts could once again try their luck by participating in a draw. But when the time comes for the result, what happens? Unfortunately, there was no clear winner. No player who tried their luck in this draw will receive 20,000 euros per month for the next thirty years. On the other hand, one participant managed to bet on the correct six numbers, only the Dream number is missing. He or she will be able to pocket 2,000 euros per month for five years!

If you prefer a large prize pool paid in one go, be aware that on Friday, Fran├žaise des jeux and its European counterparts are offering a Euromillions draw of 120 million euros. As at EuroDreams, the grid is sold for 2.50 euros. Saturday’s Loto draw will bring a prize pool of 7 million euros into play. The grid is sold for 2.10 euros in this game of chance. Great jackpots that it will be possible to win provided you validate your grid before 8:15 p.m. on the big day, and above all, have a certain amount of luck!