EURODREAMS RESULTS. The results of the EuroDreams draw on Thursday March 21 are in. Discover the winning combination to find out if you have won.

The EuroDreams draw for Thursday March 21, 2024 has been announced. No one found the correct six numbers and the Dream number. However, a grid has been validated with the six correct numbers allowing you to win up to 2,000 euros per month for five years. A significant annuity However, this has not been validated in France. Discover today’s results without further delay.

If the possible winner of rank 1 wins a colossal sum in monthly installments of 20,000 euros for thirty years, it is possible to obtain a win of lower rank, and this, from two correct numbers (excluding n°Dream), specifies the FDJ on its website. So, if you got 4 correct numbers as well as the correct N°Dream during the draw, your theoretical gain is around 40 euros. A rank 2 winner, who has matched the 6 correct numbers, but not the Dream number, can expect a gain of 2000 euros per month for five years. Unlike other FDJ games, such as Euromillions or Loto, EuroDreams does not promise to win a jackpot at once, but an income. The next EuroDreams draw will take place on Monday March 25.