The bonuses that players of the France team will be able to benefit from for their participation in Euro 2024 have been announced, with a slight decrease compared to the World Cup.

Each major international competition has its prizes. For Euro 2024, UEFA recently announced the overall allocation that will be distributed among the 24 teams who will travel to Germany from June 14 to July 14. The budget for this 17th edition of the European Football Championship amounts to 331 million euros.

During Euro 2024, each qualified team will receive a starting prize of 9.25 million euros, to which will be added one million per victory and 500,000 euros per draw during the group stages. Then, the winnings increase with each qualification for the next round. Coming out of the pools earns each federation 1.5 million euros, 2.5 million for access to the quarter-finals, an additional 4 million for the four semi-finalists, then 5 million for the losing team in the final, while the winner of the Euro will pocket an additional 8 million. In total, a flawless team could recover €28.25 million.

As during the last World Cup, the French Football Federation has decided to donate 30% of the prize money to the 23 selected players in the form of a bonus. At most, the latter will therefore receive 470,000 euros, according to calculations carried out by L’Equipe. This amount is slightly less than the 490,000 euros received by the 23 unsuccessful finalists in Qatar in 2022 during the World Cup. This amount could decrease slightly if UEFA decides to expand, as is being discussed, the list of conscripts from 23 to 26 players.

The bonuses received by players during French team gatherings, which include participation and image rights, are regularly donated to associations. During the gathering last September for the matches against Ireland and Germany, the players decided to collectively donate the 500,000 euros in bonuses to Restos du Cœur. Antoine Griezmann then explained at a press conference that the decision had been quick “the meeting lasted less than a minute and a half or two minutes. Everyone agreed to make a gesture because it is important”. During the World Cup, many players also donated their bonuses to associations.

If UEFA’s allocation for the last Women’s Euro had been multiplied by 20 compared to the previous edition, the gap is still abysmal. In total, the European football organization had released 16 million euros to be distributed between the teams. Thanks to their semi-final, the French women had pocketed 20,000 euros each.