WOOD HEATING. The government has decided to grant French beneficiaries of the wood energy check an additional month to claim it. Dates, amount, and request.

[Updated March 30, 2023 at 11:49 a.m.] The wood check system will be extended! This extension of the energy check for households heating with wood, the amount of which is between 50 euros and 200 euros, can be claimed for an additional month: “we are going to extend the wood check until the end of May” declared the Minister of Energy Transition Agn├Ęs Pannier-Runcher, this Thursday, March 30. And no longer until April 30 as planned. In total, 2.6 million people are affected. Please note that the check is not sent automatically. It is indeed up to the beneficiaries to take the step to touch it, from the site of the energy voucher. You must then enter your electronic tax filer number and send an invoice.

This aid was introduced by the government because of the increase in the price of firewood. While the cubic meter of wood was sold around 115 euros in 2021, it is now displayed at around 150 euros for logs! An increase of around 30% which hits hard the portfolio of 6.5 million households heating by this method.

Today, 3.4 million French people heat themselves with wood according to Ademe. With the soaring price of pellets, some households find themselves at a loss when it comes to paying the bill. This is why the government wishes to act to allow the most modest households to heat themselves properly this winter. This aid concerns both households heating with logs or pellets. To claim this wood energy check, simply log in from December 22, 2022, and until May 31, 2023 by clicking here.

This check is sent to households whose annual reference tax income per consumption unit is strictly less than 20,000 euros.

Your remuneration must not exceed 2,260 euros per month for a single person, and 4,750 euros per month for a couple with two dependent children.

The amount of the brand new wood energy check for French people heating with wood will be between 50 euros and 200 euros depending on your level of income and the type of firewood used (logs or pellets). To receive this check, your salary must be less than 2,260 euros for a single person, and less than 4,750 euros for a couple with two children.

To claim your wood energy voucher, all you have to do is connect to the chequeernergie.gouv.fr website, enter your electronic filer number and your invoice from December 22, 2022, until May 31, 2023.