France faces many emergency service closures this summer. Faced with the lack of staff and the influx of tourists, some hospitals are unable to accommodate all the patients. Here are the cities concerned.

Announcements of the closure of emergency services are increasing this summer in France. Indeed, hospitals are facing a significant shortage of staff. The application of the law capping the price of hospital guards, seven years after its vote, would lead to a lack of human resources according to hospital unions. The amount of these guards for 24 hours cannot exceed 1390 euros gross whereas certain nights could reach 5000 euros before. The attractiveness of these guards has therefore mechanically diminished.

Emmanuel Macron announced last April that we had to “have relieved all our emergency services by the end of 2024”. A promise that “does not go all the way” according to Patrick Pelloux, president of the association of emergency physicians of France, on BFMTV. This hospital practitioner estimated that the public hospital is experiencing “an absolutely unprecedented crisis”. AurĂ©lien Rousseau, Minister of Health, promised “in a few weeks the sustainability of a certain number of measures” to respond to this delicate emergency situation.

Faced with these staffing problems, many hospitals have had to announce temporary closures of services. Here is the list of closed emergencies:

The government has chosen to bet on regulating services via calls to 15. This filtering system must become a “care access service” according to the Ministry of Health. But many patients pointed to the response time as 15. In the case of serious pathologies, waiting too long on the phone can be critical.