WATER ECOWATT. To better inform the population of the rules that will be taken in the face of the very probable summer drought, the government will launch an EcoWatt for water. When ? How will this work?

CovidTracker, Quickly my dose, EcoWatt… In recent years, various digital platforms have emerged to allow live monitoring of a crisis situation and provide practical information to the population. An approach that the government will pursue in anticipation of the summer of 2023 in the face of the increased risk of drought which is expected to affect the country. After creating EcoWatt last fall to facilitate the monitoring of electricity production and consumption in the country, Emmanuel Macron announced that a similar system would see the light of day on the water resources available in France. . “We will have this tool which will be available from the start of the summer so that each Frenchman, each farmer, each mayor, each business manager can know the appropriate actions in a very transparent way and the evolution of the situation”, has announced the President of the Republic Thursday, March 30, 2023 during the presentation of the “water plan” in front of the lake of Serre-Ponçon.

The name of this new platform has not yet been announced. For now, members of the government are only talking about an “EcoWatt of water”. As with its cousin, born to take stock of the electricity situation in France, a fully dedicated website and an application for smartphones should see the light of day. A first version is expected for mid-May according to the Elysée.

But concretely, what will it be used for? Today, the French can discover the restrictions in place at home or elsewhere on Propluvia, a fairly summary site of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. This lists the prefectural decrees taken in each department to (already) deal with the drought. But it is impossible, for example, to find the exact rules in force in your municipality without having to read the pages of the decrees. Presumably, the new tool should make it possible to simplify access to this data.

“The idea is to support consumers so that they know better the restrictions on their place of life and the good actions they can put in place for sobriety”, indicated Bérengère Couillard, secretary of State in charge of Ecology, during a press briefing on Friday March 31, 2023.

Solicited by Internet users on the subject, an Elysian adviser agrees: “We are on a territorialized approach. The idea is to have an application which will allow, territory by territory, to identify the various rules and that the French can know , depending on their movements, the rules that apply in the place where they go. Elements concerning the watering of the gardens, the filling of the swimming pools, the washing of the cars or even the various cleanings should thus be indicated on this tool. Mention will also be made of “recommended eco-gestures with regard to the local hydrological situation”, adds the Elysée.