Almost a year after the death of Nahel, the teenager killed by a police officer’s gunshot during an arrest, the justice system is organizing a reconstruction of the tragedy, this Sunday, May 5, in Nanterre, to confront the parties with their deposition.

Almost a year after the events, justice brought together the protagonists present at the death of Nahel, Sunday May 5, at Place Nelson Mandela in Nanterre, for a reconstruction away from the cameras, reveals BFMTV. The drama had gripped France. The 17-year-old teenager was killed at close range by a police officer after refusing to comply, in Nanterre, on June 27, 2023.

Florian M., the police officer indicted for intentional homicide, his colleagues, as well as witnesses to the scene were present. “For the first time, all parties will be confronted with their testimony at the crime scene, it is a strong moment,” appreciated the lawyer for Nahel’s mother, Master Nabil Boudi.

The objective is also to remove several essential doubts to advance the investigation, notably the legitimacy of the shooting and understanding whether the police officers were in danger. It is also a question of elucidating the mystery surrounding the injunction that one of the police officers issued to his colleague holding the firearm near the young person’s face, reports RTL. “Shoot” or “cut”? Therein lies the whole debate according to a report from the Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie (IRCGN) to which the radio had access.

An English-speaking witness, a passenger in a VTC at the time of the events, told investigators that “shoote” was the only word he understood, while, in his last interrogation, the main police officer in question claimed to have shouted at Nahel to turn off the engine.

The video of the tragedy circulated on social networks, causing several nights of riots across France. The police officer, who had been placed in pre-trial detention for five months, was finally released under judicial supervision.