Dacia goes electric with its new city car, Spring. But behind its dimensions cut for the city, hides a silhouette of SUV, trendy and practical!

Dacia Spring, the first electric model from the Renault group brand, displays a modern look, in tune with the times with its raised ground clearance, its wide wheel protections and its high driving position which has so appealed to motorists in recent years. years for its reassuring and comfortable side. This is what has made part of the success of SUVs, of which Dacia Spring takes over, under its allure of a small city chip, the great assets.

From the first glance, Spring amazes with its ribbed bonnet and tapered LED lights that extend into the design of the grille. This also conceals the electric charging hatch, the opening of which is carried out directly from the interior. In profile, we clearly note the universe inspired by the SUV of Dacia Spring with its roof bars, its rear skid to reinforce the sill and widened sides. Enough to give it a robust side in particularly compact dimensions with 3.73m long and 1.51m high, roof bars included!

At the rear, there is also Dacia’s new light signature in the form of a Y. The ribbed fenders echo the softer curves at the rear, like the rounder lights. Here too, the world of the SUV is clearly assumed, like the reassuring shield. A real little adventurer, this Dacia Spring, ready to face the urban jungle!

Dacia is also revolutionizing the electric car and finally making it accessible to everyone with Dacia Spring, the most affordable 100% electric city car in Europe! Capable of sneaking around town, Dacia Spring amazes with its look of a modern and trendy small urban SUV. Find out more now about Dacia Spring to offer you privileged mobility at an unrivaled price (first deliveries in the fall).