Interviewed at length Thursday evening on BFMTV on the occasion of his 100 days at Matignon, Gabriel Attal announced that the contract between students, parents and the school would come into force from September 2024.

One hundred days after his arrival in Matignon, Gabriel Attal increased his speeches and trips this Thursday, April 18. To close this media marathon, the Prime Minister was the guest of BFMTV in the evening. The opportunity to return to the murder of Philippe in Grande-Synthe, a “barbaric” act according to him, the controversial salary of Carlos Tavares, but also to ensure the commitment to reduce taxes of two billion euros for households, and, above all, to return to the various measures announced a few hours earlier and intended to respond to the growing violence of a section of young people.

Among them, the establishment of a contract between students, parents and educational establishments. Its purpose is to officially commit students and parents to respect the authority of the school and the values ​​of the Republic. “I was able to measure the extent to which our school principals, our school leaders and more generally our teachers face a lack of respect from students, but, it must also be said here, from the from families and parents”, the Prime Minister justified himself on Thursday evening regarding this measure which, he announced, “will come into force at the start of the next school year, in September”.

Gabriel Attal, however, specified that the terms of this contract must still be defined. This will be done following consultation with the various stakeholders. “I would like school heads, representatives of teachers and parents to be involved,” he said. For the Prime Minister, this contract will “remind each family of their rights and obligations vis-à-vis the educational institution and the education of their children”. The idea is to “reaffirm things very strongly and symbolically”, he insisted. In the event of non-compliance with the contract, students and parents will be exposed, from September 2024, to sanctions. In the most extreme cases, justice may even be taken.