IPHONE 15. The new smartphone from Apple will be unveiled in a few days. Find out all the latest information of what’s new, price and release date of iPhone 15.

There are only a few short days left to wait before the official announcement of the iPhone 15. The new phone from the Cupertino company should be unveiled this Tuesday, September 12. Apple has already warned the specialized press of its new keynote, which will be held around 7 p.m. (Paris time).

Despite many efforts by Apple, information leaks regarding the iPhone 15 are numerous. The smartphone should in particular undergo a price increase, but which would only concern the US market (as a reminder, the iPhone 14 had already been affected by increased prices in Europe).

Note that all information relating to the iPhone 15 remains to be taken with a grain of salt. We’ll be sure to keep this article updated as frequently as possible with pricing, release date, and all the new stuff announced for the iPhone 15.

The latest information about the iPhone 15 again reports four different versions. As a reminder, previous generations of iPhone generally consisted of a classic model, a Pro model, a Pro Max model and a latest mini model (for the iPhone 12/13) or Plus (for iPhone 14).

Regarding the arrival of the iPhone 15, the majority of leaks still point to a Plus version. Apple seems to want to permanently bury the existence of a smaller form factor following many disappointing sales on the old iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 12 mini. If this information turns out to be correct, Apple would unveil four new models during its September keynote:

The first novelty of the iPhone 15 would be in its power. The latter should embed a new A17 Bionic chip. Several sources reveal, however, that the firm would reserve this novelty for the Pro models of the range. We should therefore have future iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus that only have the A16 Bionic processor (which currently equips the Pro versions of the iPhone 14). Apple seems more and more determined to highlight its Pro models, as was the case with the last generations of iPhone.

Information to be taken with a grain of salt: Apple is planning the release of an iPhone 15 Ultra in 2023. This new format would be added to the already existing range or would replace the Pro Max edition in order to offer a premium device. Although very little information is already available about this new product, the iPhone 15 Ultra should mark an evolution compared to the Pro and Pro Max models, or even replace the latter.

The release of an iPhone 15 Ultra is an opportunity for Apple to continue its momentum of “Ultra” devices after the release of the Apple Watch Ultra a few months ago. No doubt the company will also take the opportunity to offer a fairly high price for this still very mysterious device, which should be talked about a lot if confirmed.

Several sources indicate that Apple is planning a new periscopic telephoto lens for the iPhone 15. This technology would allow the smartphone to perform good quality zooms up to x5 or even x6 before switching to digital zoom (modified by software processing phone). However, this rumor remains to be taken with a grain of salt, and may well only concern the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

If there is one novelty that is causing a lot of talk, it is the arrival of a USB-C port for the iPhone 15. European decisions on the single charger should force Apple to say goodbye to its famous port Lightning for the future iPhone 15. There is no doubt that the firm intends to comply with the requirements of the new European standards and offer its future devices with a USB type C port. As a reminder, several Apple devices already have such a charging port. This is particularly the case with the latest iPad Mini and the iPad Air.

These rumors also seem to be confirmed by the first 3D renders of the iPhone 15 Pro that the 9to5Mac site was able to obtain. It is possible to observe a USB-C charging port instead of the old Lightning port.

The next generation of iPhone could well be equipped with an iPhone 15 Plus. This new format initiated in 2022 finally replaced the old “Mini” model while doing the exact opposite, namely offering a larger iPhone! We will have to wait a little longer to find out if this formula sufficiently satisfies Apple in terms of sales to offer an iPhone 15 Plus. As a reminder, the “Mini” format had notably been buried by the firm following very disappointing sales.

The iPhone 15 Plus should include the new features to come on the basic model, namely at least:

Barring a real surprise, Apple should unveil an iPhone 15 Pro within its new line of smartphones to come. The Cupertino company seems to want to put more and more forward its versions stamped “Pro” compared to the basic models. This was particularly the case with the iPhone 14 which benefited from very few new features compared to its Pro counterpart.

Apple should therefore prioritize its new iPhone 15 Pro over the basic models. The new features coming to these high-end versions should allow them to stand out from the classic iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. We are thinking in particular of the return of “Dynamic Island” in place of the traditional notch, as well as more photo capabilities. There is no doubt that we should have more information on the subject within a few days.

The release of an iPhone 15 Pro Max is an open secret. This format is certainly one of Apple’s favorites as it represents the most successful version of the iPhone, but also the most expensive for consumers. The latest iPhone 14 Pro Max benefited in particular from a new photo sensor, the “Dynamic Island”, and a larger format than the basic models.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max should take over these new features. It would certainly be one of the best smartphones for taking photographs, but also for having a good autonomy on a daily basis. As a reminder, the iPhone Pro Max regularly have excellent results in autonomy when they are released.

The iPhone 15 Ultra has been at the center of several rumors for a few months. Apple surprised many analysts at one of its last conferences by unveiling the Apple Watch Ultra, thought to be the firm’s most successful connected watch. Equipped with several exclusive functions, and a very imposing format, the Apple Watch Ultra could well announce the imminent arrival of a new iPhone 15 Ultra.

According to some sources, the iPhone 15 Ultra would be neither more nor less than the new name of the Pro Max model. However, the latter would have several new features to establish itself as the most high-end model of the generation, including:

The iPhone 15 Mini does not seem to be on the release program planned by Apple. Although we are never safe from a potential surprise, the company seems to have drawn a line under this format since the release of the iPhone 14, and the new “Plus” model. In question: the very low sales of the previous iPhone 13 Mini, which had particularly disappointed Apple. It would therefore be counterproductive for the brand to start again with a format that has objectively not succeeded commercially.

We have to wait a little longer before getting our hands on the new iPhone 15. Apple has just unveiled the official date of its next conference. The Apple back-to-school keynote will take place on Tuesday, September 12 at 7 p.m. (Paris time) and should lift the veil on several products including the iPhone 15.

If Apple respects its traditions, the iPhone 15 will not be available at the end of the keynote. The firm usually opens pre-orders a few days after the conference for an estimated release one to two weeks later. The iPhone 15 should be officially available around September 22, 2023.

This is certainly one of the most sought-after questions as its release approaches: how much will the iPhone 15 and its different versions cost? After a sharp increase in its prices in Europe following the phenomenon of inflation, Apple is eagerly awaited regarding the price of its next products. As a reminder, the iPhone 14 has seen an increase of almost €110 more compared to the iPhone 13. Although inflation could drop in the coming weeks, we are not going to improvise as economic experts. Here are the different prices of the iPhone 14, which could well also be applied to future iPhone 15s:

The arrival of a potential iPhone 15 Ultra and the still very present phenomenon of inflation may, however, upset a little the apprehensions concerning the prices of the next smartphones from Apple. After an initial price hike last year, will consumers be able to keep up? Reply within a few days.

According to the latest rumors and information leaks, the iPhone 15 will have several colors offered when it is released. These would also differ from the colors available for the Pro and Pro Max (or Ultra) versions. The upcoming colors for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus would be black, green, blue, yellow and pink as evidenced by the various 3D rendering images already produced on the net.

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max (or Ultra) would benefit from exclusive colors with black, silver, gray and blue. These last two colors would replace the purple and gold of the previous iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. However, this information is not yet official so you will have to wait until the Apple conference to have the final word on these new colors!