We all have preconceived ideas about air conditioning. However, the techniques evolve and the inconveniences are always less important. The point to form an opinion with full knowledge of the facts.


Today, indoor units run around 30/40 dB, the equivalent of one breath, and often have a silent mode. The outdoor unit is louder with an average of 70 dB. Avoid placing it in a closed courtyard or directed towards the openings of neighboring dwellings for their tranquility.

Hygiene and health

During the maintenance visit, the technician performs an antibacterial treatment. On a daily basis, air conditioner filters capture dust from the ambient air. Some brands even have the ability to neutralize bad odors.

Air Currents

If the devices are well located, and the fins well oriented, the air stirred is not a problem. We keep them away from the bed or the dining table.

Pollution risk

Manufacturers of air conditioners have replaced highly polluting refrigerant gases in the event of a leak with less toxic hydrofluocarbons.

Electricity bill

Older air conditioners experienced successive compressor starts and stops. Today, the equipment has reduced its consumption, working on the same principle as a cruise control on a car.


Consoles or wall-mounted, some new units have a neat design and are sometimes even customizable. As for the outdoor units, there are very sensible covers.