Public agents of the SNCF Rail Security, attacked by a man armed with a chopper, used their weapon, during the night of Thursday to Friday, near a metro station in Paris.

Several shots in the 13th arrondissement of Paris were fired during the night of Thursday May 2 to Friday May 3. A man with a chopper was shot and injured by SNCF Rail Security (Suge) agents whom he had attacked in the capital, according to information from Le Parisien. Four Suge agents (in uniform and in an unmarked vehicle) were attacked by a man with a chopper at the exit of Tolbiac metro station in the capital. The man tried to open their door.

Three of the four officers managed to get out of the vehicle. The individual approached them despite their warnings before throwing his chopper towards one of them. The attacker injured an agent in the shin, causing him a simple hematoma. According to a source close to the case, two agents then shot him several times. The attacker was shot four times in the toe, foot, lower back and neck. The prosecution specifies that eight shots were fired. The man, unidentified at this stage, was taken to hospital. The individual’s vital prognosis is compromised. A witness told officers that he saw this individual running after passers-by in the street.

An investigation was opened for “attempted homicide of a person responsible for a public service mission”, said the prosecution. The investigations were entrusted to the 3rd district of the Parisian judicial police. Another investigation, entrusted to the Regional Transport Security, is underway to verify the context of the use of their weapon by the agents. Alcohol and drug tests carried out by Suge agents were negative. The four agents were interviewed and released.