The Champions League group stage draw is approaching, here is the date.

The sweet melody of the Champions League is already present in many European stadiums with the first rounds and the play-offs approaching. If France hopes to have another representative with Olympique de Marseille, Lens and PSG have already qualified for the next group stage. If the PSG is seeded, the RC Lens will find themselves in the last hat, enough to promise exceptional posters in the North. While waiting for the qualified teams after the play-offs, here is the list of clubs that will participate in this campaign.

In 2024, the Champions League will once again be eagerly awaited by all European clubs who all hope to lift the trophy. As a reminder, the competition will welcome 4 additional teams, and will take place in the form of a championship (final ranking from 1 to 36, therefore), but each team will meet “only” 8 opponents, with 4 matches played at home and 4 outside. In detail, at the end of the first phase, a ranking from 1 to 36 will be made. Teams ranked 1-8 advance directly to the Round of 16 while teams ranked 9-24 compete in a round of 16 (play-off) to reach a total of 16 teams.

Here are the details of all the draws of the year in the Champions League: