As inflation takes hold and so does geopolitical uncertainty, wondering how to protect your savings? A safe haven for centuries, gold represents a relevant choice in this period of crisis.

With inflation exceeding 6%, traditional savings products are looking bleak. Livret A or life insurance: the rates charged are not enough to cover the price increase. Instead of making money, your investment makes you lose money! Buying gold bars and coins is one of the solutions to consider to protect your assets over the long term. Gold is available in limited supply, it is no one’s debt, and centuries of history have shown us that its value remains stable. They help you get through crises while giving you the opportunity to access a reservoir of liquidity. To do this, however, you have to buy physical gold or silver.

As part of the diversification of an investment portfolio, silver is also an attractive alternative. More accessible than gold, it has the advantage of being an intrinsic store of value while being a metal widely used in industry, particularly in the context of the energy transition. This duality, however, makes it more volatile than gold: potential returns can be greater (as can losses). However, between the post-Covid-19 economic recovery and experts predicting a depletion of deposits within 10 to 20 years, buying physical silver can be a very profitable operation in the long run.

Investing in physical gold or silver is within the reach of all savers. You can simply pass by street shops. It is however necessary to be vigilant as to the origin and the purity of the precious metals, as well as the purchase price. You will then need to organize the secure storage of your coins and bars. For resale, the adventure can also be perilous. Another possibility: trust an online, specialized and reputable investment platform like This platform only offers physical metals, no paper gold (ETFs, certificates). The ingots and coins come from accredited refiners, which guarantees their quality. With, your investment is tangible and you hold it in your own name, it is not pooled. The storage is completely secure and carried out outside the bank in a politically stable country. Another key element of the solution: as the sole owner of your precious metals, you can access the vaults to recover your gold or silver whenever you want.

Trusting means ensuring:

Protected from market volatility, protected from inflation, kept in a safe place and without an intermediary: precious metals, gold and silver have many advantages. In these troubled times, it is an investment to consider to diversify your savings.