To prevent the slide into delinquency of certain young people, the Prime Minister announced several measures this Thursday. What about the possible obligatory nature? Response elements.

Under the spotlight on the occasion of his 100th day at Matignon, Gabriel Attal took the opportunity to announce, this Thursday, April 18, a whole range of measures intended to respond to the growing violence among part of the youth. Among them, the placement in boarding schools of young people who start to get into “bad company”. While “there are tens of thousands of boarding school places in our country which are desperately empty”, the Prime Minister wants to seize this “opportunity” to remove from their environment young people who would slide into delinquency by offering their parents to send their child “to boarding school, far from his neighborhood and those who pushed him to dive”.

Several options are on the table, such as sending them to a boarding school during school holidays alone or throughout the entire school year. The concern of certain young people and their parents about the compulsory nature of this measure is legitimate. For the moment, the details of this measure are not known, but Matignon assures us: this sending to boarding school will be part of “a consultation with families and all stakeholders”, relays HuffPost. In short, parents should have their say.

What will happen to schooling “every day of the week, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.” for middle school students, also desired by Gabriel Attal? Here again, little information on the compulsory nature of the measure. On the other hand, night reception in educational placement establishments so “that young people who fall into delinquency cannot wander around every night” may be required and therefore made compulsory, relays BFMTV. This measure was in fact mentioned in the legal aspect of Gabriel Attal’s announcements this Thursday. Note that to date, the “penal composition measure” is desired by the Prime Minister and has therefore not yet been implemented.