Hogwarts Legacy is finally available on PC, but seems to be showing recurring problems. Among other things, there is a black screen at startup and various crashes. We explain how to solve these problems.

With no less than 86/100 overall rating, hundreds of thousands of players and more than a million viewers on Twitch, Hogwarts Legacy seems to have kept all its promises. Avalanche Software’s game is a well-deserved success, although its PC version suffers from some pretty significant optimization issues. Also, if you encounter a black screen when launching your game, there are a few solutions to work around the problem. We have collected them for you in a small guide to troubleshooting Hogwarts Legacy bugs and crashes.

How do I fix the black screen when launching Hogwarts Legacy?

Most common problem on all configurations, Hogwarts Legacy launching, displaying warnings dedicated to people with epilepsy, and remaining completely stuck on a black screen. Whether you launch the Task Manager (Ctrl SHIFT Esc) or close the game by hand, nothing helps, the application stops responding. Well, the solution to this problem is quite simple.

Hogwarts Legacy systematically adjusts its shaders when launching the game, a process that can be very long. In some cases, the progress bar for this process does not appear. Hence your impression of a crash or black screen. In reality, if you see a black screen after epilepsy warnings, let your app do the work. The shaders will settle in the background and you can launch your game.

If you have tried the above solution without result, you are now in the classic problem solving process for a game. This solution suite is often the same from one game platform to another, and we recommend performing the following steps in order: