TV – How can you be sure to buy a good television, as cheaply as possible, during Black Friday 2023? Use our comparison tool!

If you thought that Black Friday was starting this Friday, quickly think again: it’s already launched and the commercial operation accelerated this Monday, November 20, 2023. To buy a television, this is perhaps the good time.

Please note that this special “Black Friday TV” page is made for you and to advise you. Throughout Black Friday, until November 27, you will find the best offers on televisions unearthed by the editorial staff of We compare the prices of the best televisions for you, ranging from high-end to the most affordable.

The discounts come from online merchants as diverse as Amazon, Rakuten, Boulanger, Rue du Commerce, Fnac, Electro Dépôt, Ubaldi, or even Cdiscount, and can be found at many brands: Sony, Samsung, Philips, Xiaomi, LG, Hisense and more.

Here is our selection of the 5 most interesting televisions on sale during this Black Friday period. For us, these are the best TVs to buy given the discounts.

We have chosen to offer you in this Top-5 models classified by price, ranging from the least expensive to the most expensive. You can also find a more complete list below, with other models according to your budget and your desires.

Please note that the big players in online sales offer special pages on promotional televisions. A piece of advice if you like to spend time on a site like walking through a store: take a look at these pages:

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology has become the spearhead of the television industry, redefining our viewing experience at home. Its superiority lies in its ability to deliver images of exceptional quality and an unparalleled immersive experience. The clarity and sharpness of images on OLED displays is second to none. Each pixel turns on and off independently, creating deep blacks and striking contrasts, for subtle details in dark and bright scenes.

Then, the finesse and flexibility of OLED screens open up innovative horizons. This technology offers wider viewing angles, ensuring consistent image quality whether viewed from the front or the side. Energy efficiency is also a major advantage. OLED displays consume less power because they don’t need constant backlighting, resulting in long-term savings for users and a reduced carbon footprint.

Televisions priced between 500 and 1500 euros are always at the heart of a small price war. We will find significant discounts on this target during this Black Friday 2023: TVs for which you need to prepare a significant budget, but without entering the very high end.

The Korean brand is a juggernaut in the television market. Its complete range of Neo QLED, QLED, Crystal UHD and Smart TV televisions allows it to offer products for all budgets. Here are the articles that caught our attention for this Black Friday 2023:

The LG brand is also a major player in modern television, and it must be said that the brand’s very high-end TVs are among the best on the market. A sure value.

IF you don’t want to spend a fortune on a television, these low-cost televisions remain in an accessible range: less than 300 euros, or even less than 200 euros.

Televisions are hot sellers during Black Friday. Be vigilant and compare the different offers carefully before purchasing. It is very useful to compare prices on different online sales platforms; sometimes some resellers inflate the extent of discounts.